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Welcome to my newest Painting Challenge

Class Starts July 12th (6:00pm-8:00pm EST/Wednesdays)



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Art that speaks to your soul: Sacred Paint & Play is a 4 week challenge that looks like painting with fun tools, and yet, allows the right brain to open the connection to your soul so you can learn more about your very own personal journey.
This Journey is exploratory, raw and will reveal to you the story, like never before.  Below, you can see how I started this with my feelings, with a relationship that was hurting me deeply & through ART I was able to release, create and paint one of my better pieces. 

Join me in using ART to move through, our own personal limitations in seeing how beautiful we are, how worthy we are, how much love is inside of us, and what kind of contribution we can be, when WE see that and express it. 

I am your teacher, your guide and also your sister, going through it myself.  As a heavier set woman,  in a society of skinny
, I am still unravelling layers of self-love and I am creating this offering as a way for so many of us to access healing through our own soul's guidance.  We are in this together! 

I stopped painting for a long time cause I thought I wasn’t good enough but it’s so lovely to paint from the inner child and play. - Sarah, Santa Cruz, CA


Why a Challenge? 

Sometimes we don't take things seriously unless we are accountable. This 4 week challenge is to push you through the uncomfortable spaces, by supporting you energetically and lovingly through the best version of yourself. 

Is my Soul Speaking to me through art? 

What would you say if I told you that  your right brain, the creative side of your mind is a portal to your imagination and a window to your soul and your higher self? We have access to it at all times. It is through the act of creativity and in this case ART that we can access that portal. All your wildest dreams can't just live in your head, they must get out into a drawing or in this case a painting.  Each week we layer, upon layer with intentions, energy, wishes, YOUR magical wishes. This very act is the direct conduit to your higher self. You will receive messages, healing and courage back. 


And in the end, you will have a piece to use in your home or office, that will remind you of all of your intentions and what makes them so aligned with you.  The pride of your artistic signature combined with all your intentions, will surely HAVE to manifest into your reality! 


1. Direction, Guidance, Heart Expression and Massive Amounts of Creativity.

2. A finished painting that carries healing prana and your own energetic clearing, that you can hang for inspiration in your home or office. 

3. Lots of tools, guidance, support on the process for maximum creativity. 

4. A sacred space for this to take place, with a community of people seeking to expand into the gamma waves and permanent flow status. 

5.A sense of major accomplishment for beginner artists and advanced artists.

6.Each class runs approximately 1-2 hours every Wednesday, attendance is necessary (1) day make-up class available.   

This class IS for everyone. I have taught experienced artists and beginners alike.  Experienced artists like it because its a new technique and pushes them outside their normal painting comfort zone, and beginners like it because they always end up with something they never thought they could create, and its a proud moment when you complete something you never thought you could. The healing aspect is profound and the art is your proof that you did the work. 


We must all access our GAMMA WAVES to navigate this new paradigm we are in.  With so much going on around us, the easiest and most authentic way to activate ( in my opinion ) is the removal of the ego and the current matrix perspective, via creativity and creation using color, energy, mantras, affirmations, words and feelings to generate a compilation that is 100% you.  We will traverse the process together and in a safe Zoom container from your own home/studio space.  You will have accountability, support, praise, appreciation and an opportunity to receive so much more than just a painting. You will be creating a piece of SOUL ART. 



This is not a process of painting for the sake of making a piece of art. This is a process of the Soul.  Sometimes we don't listen or even know how to access the subconscious mind. The beauty of this Soul Speaking through Art Challenge is that you will not even know what you are painting until you are in the final stages. See these examples below. 

If you are questioning if you can be an artist, join the club. I was self-taught, a couple of years ago.  I have done this process over and over, and each time I'm blown away at what the unseen reveals to me and my clients that commission me. 

Classes  2023

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