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Pet Portals in Paint

Who doesn't love art and art with our precious babies as the art? I am #1 mom to a precious Pitbull named Layla shamelessly seen below, and having this art piece of her is so purifying to my heart.  Most of my transmission art is painted with layers of color, expression, and words. On this piece, I wrote and had my friends write what they loved about my dog. Then, I painted a dragonfly which had symbolic meaning and finally I painted her. All of my pieces come with glitter, unless requested otherwise.  So why do I call it a portal? Because the frequency of your animal is what is embedded into the piece. Long after our beloveds are gone, their frequency will still be around. To order you will need to fill out a questionnaire about your animal, which I will incorporate into your painting. Fill your home with love and all the preciousness of your baby through a piece of art.  AND if you want to turn it into a pillow and give it to family members, that is an option as well. I look forward to painting your pride and joy! 

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YAY! I'm looking forward to painting your sweetie!  Please fill out the following information and your phone number so I can call discuss with you what works best for you, your space and your intentions. I will get back with you within 24 hours! 

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Starting of the piece
Adding layers of love
Adding elements that are in Layla's reality, the dragonfly
Taking Shape
Final Beauty Shot with Glitter & Love


On February the 12th, I attended a sweat lodge and while I released the stress of managing my fur baby's increasing issues, she came to me. When she should've passed over a year ago, she stuck around while I got Covid, then she stayed with me through the holidays, keeping the love so full in my heart. Then she made it to our NYE party and finally my birthday early February. As far as I was concerned she had fulfilled all attempts to comfort me. As her kidney failure became more apparent, she tried to hide her body's inability to stay comforted.  During my ceremony in the lodge, I felt her spirit running around the lodge in pure joy, and that she could run again, after her hips and legs had been failing from Hip Dysplasia for years. She showed me that she would stand guard for me and make sure nothing happened to me, and then she entered the lodge and I heard her say "How great is this! Now I can see you during all the things you do." She was so full of life, I knew this was a message that her time was coming to an end on this plane and that her jump to a new level of consciousness was near. After, changing my mind several times about when to call the vet to come into my home and have the transition ceremony, the perfect time slot opened up at sunset on Valentine's Day, 2022.  With Kirtan chanting, fresh flowers, fresh water from her last creekside visit earlier that day, puppy beds, blankets and toys surrounding the center of the room she was petted and stroked with love, as we told stories of Layla and how much she impacted our lives. The vet gave her ample time to digest the circumstances, and while she did walk away and go lay on my bed, as if to boycott this plan, I told her in my mind that she needed to do this, for me. She came back with reluctance and trepidation, and sitting, not accepting her fate just yet, she frantically looked at all of us then started kissing all our faces with as much energy and kisses she could offer. I told her in my mind, to lay down when she was ready, and with regal majesty she bowed down, then rolled into my arms.  The shots were merely a formality as she, nestled her head into my bosom and started a much slower breathing.  We continued to sing, and cry (more like sob) as she took her final breaths.  Layla has touched so many countless lives, because we travelled for almost 10 years and stayed with friends, strangers who became friends and lived in over 6 different towns over those years. How can you not become friends with a lake & stream swimming angel, who's calm demeanor gave anyone afraid of her breed, the courage to pet her, because her beauty was mesmerizing, inviting and approachable. I adopted Layla at 3 months old, after my previous female pit suddenly died at 4 years old and I was heartbroken. God rewarded me and brought me this balanced and spirit driven Queen who would dawn the most remarkable travel adventures of my lifetime. Gratitude, doesn't even begin to capture the space my heart holds for this creature.  She was my protector, my guardian, my inspiration, my full heart and full of her own inspirational joy and curious investigation of every single forrest, lake, mountain or trail we ventured on.  I lived through her kindness, her constant loyalty and couch cuddles. My heart will be empty for a while, until this blessed soul returns to me, either here or out there.  Please know my heart is so connected to the animal kingdom, and when I paint animals, I know how much joy and happiness they bring us.  Please join me in saying farewell to my one and only baby. Layla Bell. 

October 15, 2008 - February 14, 2022

May your light shine forever mommies.

Farewell my lovely, Layla
Alexandra Kavanah

Farewell my lovely, Layla

Our final walk.
The rose sent down the river 3 days after she passed.
My girl on her final walk.
The kiss of a lifetime.
My contribution to her life, altar.
This heart and bone, stones were in the snow waiting for me.
I walked passed this tree, until I heard it was here to guide her spirit.
Water in her bowl, was from the last creek she drank from.
My prolific sorry.
The rose, got stuck, it didn't want to leave the area.
See Layla's Orb far left corner. She's here with me.
All things she loved.
Look closely, Layla's face is in the fractals of light on my third eye.
Her Bed, keeping her toy friends comfy.
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