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About the Experience

Unlock your inner creativity and experience a profound spiritual journey with Zan's Sacred Paint & Play. Zan is a versatile artist, adaptable to any retreat seeking to guide its guests through gentle and fun spiritual shifts. With Zan, guests will receive a canvas and a list of supplies to pre-order then she uses unique tools like stencils, sponges, and even bubble wrap to inspire creativity and encourage letting go of judgment with each layer (and there could be up to 5 layers). Layers are invoked by inviting participants to connect with nature and their inner selves through curated activities/inquiries. Each retreat is custom-tailored to the theme or vision of the host/collaborator for the most impactful heArt activation experience possible. Past workshops include Painting into Prosperity, Inner Goddess Revealed, and Heartache through Healing. Zan offers a daily (hourly) practice for 2-day, 3-day, or optimal 5-day retreats that will leave a lasting impression on campers. The minimal cost to the host pales in comparison to the profound and memorable impact Zan's Sacred Paint & Play will bring to your retreat. Book Zan today for your Glamping, Corporate or Men’s Retreats and unlock your creativity, nourish your soul, and experience a spiritual journey unlike any other.



2-Day Retreat ($2000) plus accommodations
3-Day Retreat ($3000) plus accommodations
5-Day Retreat ($5000) plus accommodations

> These prices are for a maximum of 10 Campers.
Additional fees may occur for more than 12 Campers.
> Accommodations need to be provided for Zan including 1 day prior to arrival and 1 day after the event, for proper set-up, take down and clean up. 
> Custom programs can be created for larger or smaller groups. 

What that includes: 
1. Full set up including drop cloth coverage for campers, set up work stations for painting, cleaning up daily, managing clean up flow.
2. Campers have full access to Zan during "Paintshop Hours" with any and all questions, needs and inspiration. 
3. Will facilitate shipping of paintings home via mail if necessary in remote locations. 
4. Photography of campers (with consent) for promotion for other events. 


What Campers can Expect

1. Direction, Guidance, Laughter, and Massive Amounts of Creativity.

2. A finished Totem, that you can hang for inspiration in your home or office. 

3. Lots of tools, guidance, and support on the process for maximum creativity. 

4. A sacred space for this to take place, with a community of people seeking to expand into the gamma waves and permanent flow status. 

5. A sense of major accomplishment for beginner artists and advanced artists. 


Get ready to tap into your inner creativity and unlock your potential! It's time to access your GAMMA WAVES and navigate this new paradigm we find ourselves in. With so much chaos around us, trust Zan's advice - the best way to activate is to put aside your ego and let your inner artist take the lead. Use colors, energy, mantras, affirmations, words, and feelings to create a masterpiece that is uniquely YOU.


Join us in a safe and sacred space that Zan has created to guide you on this journey. Connect with your fellow Campers and experience accountability, support, praise, and appreciation like never before. When you're done painting, you'll walk away with not just a piece of art, but a SOUL HeART that reflects your true self.


Want to create an unforgettable experience for yourself and your participants? Let your imagination run wild and tap into your inner child. Discover your higher self and awaken your deepest desires. With Zan as your guide, you'll leave this experience with a profound reflection of your inner aspirations and revelations. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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