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Zanifestation Art

Creating custom heArtwork with intentions, oracle readings & energetic activations. 

These are just a few of my recent pieces. I would love it if clicked the heart of the pieces you like most. 


Cultivating Sacred Creativity

Sacred Side of Art, Life & Community 

I believe being Sacred is to honor, respect and align to a higher perspective than one of our human emotions. Accessing that alliance with the soul, the earth and others comes in a variety of ways. By calling in the sacredness with every experience including art & community, we become available to unfathomable blessings from the divine. Hence the alliance of freedom, joy, bliss, reward and love for the self. I call it "dancing with the divine." 

In this cycle of my existence, spirit has led me to cultivate my life experience into channeling that alliance into my classes (paint shops) and transmission art, with an invitation for you to join me. 



In 2022 my beloved pet Layla transitioned and shortly after during a sweat lodge ceremony, my Pitbull gave us a message. She told us that dogs were exiting the planet to reunite with the Whales to assist in Earth's Ascension process.  Layla told us that the Whales are direct descendents of the Wolves, and that they are the only 2 animals on the planet that share the same ear bone. This piece "Wolves and Whales" was created in a class I taught called "From Heartache to Healing." 


Who is Zan?

If you want to know who Zan was before discovering a hidden talent to bust out color in a fun and intriguing fashion, read this article about me in Voyager Denver.


I am a fun, loving, hard working Aquarius who spent her whole life creating business as an entrepreneur for herself, bringing in ideas and companies with conscious flare. AQUAMANTRA WATER, MANTRAPRENEUR MASTERY & RADIO SHOW, ICEVO (Intentional Community Evolution TV), MANTRAPRENEUR MANAGEMENT & SHOPGRATZI. After a half a lifetime of building business, I was guided to paint through a dear friend of mine, Whitney Freya. That was a few years ago. As the Plandemic enveloped our country, it was then that I decided to share my experience of ease and joy through painting. Watching people wake up and experience a taste of the consciousness I have been absorbing my entire career, brought comfort to my heart. I've been painting my feelings, my insight and my guidance. Finally, after a year of creating art (self-taught) my friends have given me enough courage to launch yet another conscious avenue.  This path is one of pure bliss. Spirit has led me here and with each moment of acceptance that "this is the way" more possibility shows up, far greater than I could have imagined or planned. My art is designed to convert energy through the quantum field to the user that entangles with it. Love it or leave it, I am creating for me... and I teach others to do the same.  I have finally realized that life is to enjoy, let's not waste any of it on anything that doesn't light us up! 

Bringing Artists Together


"The Stag: I will not back down."

This piece was painted during the stolen election of 2020. He stands strong as the fire is behind him. You can shoot at him, but he is a warrior of light and he's not afraid to Stand his ground. My soul brings out the elements and shares them with my intuition. The political climate, while not intended to guide this piece, was a motivating backdrop to how I felt during a sad state of affairs for our country. This piece was completed after the election.   


Take a deep breath. 
Connect to this lake, trees & nature as you take another deep breath. Feel the connection. We are one with it all. 


What is Soul HeArt Activation anyway? 

Imagine you are blindfolded, not allowed to use your senses. You reach for a painting tool and colors, but you must use your intuition instead of your senses. Its a little like that. 

What would you say if I told you that  your right brain, the creative side of your mind is a portal to your imagination and a window to your soul and your higher self? We have access to it at all times. It is through the act of creativity and in this case ART that we can access that portal. Just like learning a new skill when we paint we are able to ditch our logical mind/left brain thinking and hop into the largest field possible and channel messages to yourself, via the canvas. 

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