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Camp Kavanah | Crowd Fund Raising Drinkware 

Every Purchase Donates to Animal Sanctuaries. 

The animals need our help. Animals are in peril everyday. Animal shelters are over crowded, work horses are being sent to slaughter and pigs are left for dead on the side of the road. These sentient beings deserve love, care and food.  For every purchase you make I donate 22% of the total sale to an animal sanctuary that is doing outstanding work.  The more we care, the more we expand consciousness on our planet.  Buy a mug, raise your consciousness. Easy decision!  Thank you for helping me on this mission. 

Zanifestation Art on several formats 

Red Bubble is a fast, easy way to obtain my art in several styles and formats.  Pillows, Duvet covers, Acrylic Blocks, Shower Curtains, Prints as well.  Please like my shop when you visit and the beauty is they offer discounts and specials when you sign up, a great way to save on my Zanifestation Art! Just click the image below. 


Pillow Magic

What we surround ourselves with colors, lights, images and words is how we create our reality. I have created Pillow Magic to express some of my favorite mantras over layers of my art, to offer some new designs for your home. As you see these messages daily, your mind will begin to reprogram these affirmations into your reality! Click the image below and it will take you to a page, where you can see the exact affirmations and the back side.