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Sacred Paint & Play

Ignite Creativity and Innovation: Elevate any Retreat Experience with Artist Zan Kavanah

Art expression can have a transformational effect, once awareness kicks in. Life is a journey full of challenging paths and obstacles that test our inner strength. Each individual perceives these challenges differently - some see them as opportunities to grow, while others fear them. But one thing is certain: we all experience transformative moments that shape us into the person we are meant to be. Listen to what these leaders say from their Sacred Paint & Play experience at the Primal Hackers Retreat.

What resonates with you? The fear of the unknown or the excitement of a new challenge? Whichever side you lean towards, one thing is certain - transformation is inevitable. And by embracing it, we can unlock our full potential and become the best version of ourselves.

Yoni Havana, GA

Thaddeus Owen, WI

Waxela Sananda, FL

Hilda Labrada Gore

February 2023

Tania Teschke, D.C.

February 2023

Amanda Rafel, NC

February 2023

Estee Shechter, GA

February 2023

The Offer 

Unleash your creativity and nourish your soul with Zan's Sacred Paint & Play. Experience up to 5 layers of self-discovery and transformation through unique tools and customized themes. Book Zan for your retreat and add a fun and unforgettable spiritual element to your event.


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By incorporating this immersive and ceremonial experience into a retreat setting, we create a powerful sequence of sacred activation that your guests will never forget.

Set up your free consultation to discuss how
Sacred Paint & Play can enhance your retreat's vibe. Each consult is a friendly 30-minute call to help us determine if Zan is the right fit for your needs and availability.  


From Breakthrough to Manifestation via Transformation. 

Everyone gets an opportunity to share what they are experiencing

as they move through the process.


Mastermind Biohackers Retreat, Ana Maria Island, Florida


Today's travelers want unique & experiential retreats 
2023 Trends 

"Travel is set to take “mind, body and soul” wellness to the next level in 2023—a fully immersive, no-holds-barred approach to attaining peace and pleasure including less conventional ways to feel bliss. People are no longer willing to settle for the same old, same old kind of retreats and travel experiences. They want something that’s going to change them and have them seeing their lives and themselves differently." -


Millennials are willing to make the necessary investment in self-improvement as well; 63 percent say they would pay more for a trip they feel benefits them mentally, physically or emotionally,  They’re willing to make sacrifices to reap the rewards of self-improvement travel.

Glamorous Tent

Zan is available to Co-Facilitate Retreats that are seeking a conscious partnership. 


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 Happy Campers & Their Final Pieces


I love playing with colors and being lost in the moment. Thank you Zan for sharing all of your cool techniques, resources, inspiration and beautiful art. I am excited to someday see your art on Oracle cards  And I know you would have such amazing inspirational things to say on them. Thank you for holding the vision for us during this class and your vision for a better more conscious loving creative world You are awesome!🙏🏼❤️❤️🦋🌈🙏🏼

Introducing Zan

Zantastic, Zanzibar, ZenZan formerly Alexandra

As a lifelong creative, spending most of my career building spiritually driven companies and focusing on branding & marketing, I have always had a good eye for color and composition.  It wasn't until the Plan-D hit, that I actually tried painting on a canvas, using a technique my dear friend Whitney Freya taught me. I started to explore the colorful tunnel of expression through art, mostly to expel the feelings inside me.  My last name Kavanah is a theological concept in Judaism about a worshiper's state of mind and heart, her sincerity, devotion, and emotional absorption during prayers. Art is sacred prayer because it connects to the higher consciousness that directs your existence and when you access that, the bliss you experience opens up a pathway for you to receive messages, insight, and guidance to questions you might be asking.  Having taught consciousness for the last 20 years in life and in business, has helped me teach others how to play with paint for the last 3 years, and explore the deeper layers of themselves through art, which connects us to the heArt. As a leader, my focus is fun, play, laughter, commitment & connection to yourself.  Don't come to play in my sandbox unless you are ready to evolve, I am a catalyst for change. When you do say YES to expanding your consciousness the reward is the sweet Prana (an energetic imprint) in your canvas, that will remind you of your sacred soul and guide you for many years to come. Each experience is profound, life altering and always surprising to learn what shows up when we just pay attention to the subtle clues life is showing us.  I hope to play & paint with you, laugh and share in the gratitude that we get to wake up every morning with a big "Grand Rising!" knowing all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory! - Zan 

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 Art created by Zan recently...

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